Customer Services Design and Delivery

Support for large and SME Contractors, Clients and Service Providers to develop, improve, innovate, maintain and raise client profiles, and identify new ways of working

Organisations that prosper need to be able to innovate, maintain and raise their profile in order to find new ways of working. Clients will increasingly be looking to form partnerships with contractors that are committed to working with them to deliver successful projects and services. There is strength in having support, and there are many ways in which we can support you, using a range of strategic, operational and developmental services to benefit your future potential

Partnering Services

Partnering Services is much more than organising your Core Groups and Contract meetings; and your Partnering Facilitator should help you to create a culture needed to make your contracts work for all parties. In our experience, the deployment of an experienced Facilitator is essential in making your partnerships work effectively. The provision of independent advice and support will help to create the environment you need to stimulate innovation and improvement in your contractual relationships

PML Involvement

PML will work alongside you and your partners to identify and deliver your mutual objectives, set long term goals and targets, develop services to meet customer expectation and deliver positive outcomes to your business, such as ‘demonstrable’ savings, performance improvement, value for money efficiency, inward investment and corporate social responsibility outcomes. We will also assist you to gain accreditations and awards

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

Customer Centricity Programmes

Being customer-centric means creating a positive consumer experience at the point of sale and beyond. An inwardly focused approach to your business can lead to a misalignment with your customers, and open up the risk of competitors with a greater customer focus to win opportunities over you. But shaping your business by your customers driving it will lead to innovation, efficiency and growth/profitability, as well as enabling you to differentiate yourself from your competitors

PML Involvement

At PML we promote a Customer Centric Model that allows you to use the views of your customer to inform the development of your business objectives or action plans. We will begin by conducting interviews which will allow us to discover the driving issues behind your current customer experience. This would involve conducting a series of telephone or electronic survey interviews with a cross-section of existing customers, staff members and supply chain members. Consolidating the findings and combining it with relevant research will provide an initial 360 degree review which will allow us to ascertain which programme model will be best suited to the development of your business. From this we will design a draft concept of your bespoke Customer Centric Model for your approval, which will aim to enhance your customers’ experience, promote profit and build customer loyalty

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

360 Degree Reviews

360 Degree Review is a process that is commonly utilised by organisations to obtain information from a variety of workplace sources on an employee’s work-related behavior and/or performance. What do your peers, suppliers or customers think of the service that you provide? How do they perceive you and the outcomes that you achieve? A 360 Degree Review is intended to answer these questions by undertaking a range of research to “hold up a mirror” to your organisation in order to let you see how various parties perceive you and what you do; a full 360 view

PML Involvement

Research methods might typically include customer interviews, customer surveys, voice of the customer videos, staff surveys, staff interviews, mystery shopping, customer persona profiling, “walk through” audits and customer forums. PML will collate and listen to this feedback, analyse and present the feedback so that actions can be developed for continuous assessment and progression

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping describes the service being delivered stage by stage and identifies all of the customer touch points, where a customer interacts with service providers. Critically, they identify customer behavioural responses to your service at each service stage

PML Involvement

Customer Journey Mapping means that we map the whole process from inception to grave. We research to ensure that we understand the current customer experience at each touch point, and this will enable services to be re-designed that will evoke desired customer behaviours at each stage of the journey. PML will assist you to deploy these new solutions and review over time. The compilation of these changes, once tested through a series of prototypes, creates the desired customer journey. Our typical Customer Journey Map will show what happens pre-service, during service delivery and post service delivery. This allows PML to guide your business in the right direction for growth and progression

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

Service Reform and Prototyping

This process enables service providers to trial changes to existing services or brand new services, following advise and support from PML. A Service Prototype is a tool used to test a particular service type, which may be tested in similar conditions/environments, with trial models, role play, interaction with the user and simulations before being tested with “real customers”

PML Involvement

As part of our Design and Delivery services, Service Prototyping is an essential part of the service design process which can be repeated at any time during the life of a service in order to test innovation or service improvements. PML will support your business transformation, and we will trial these changes through a series of “controlled pilot” projects which are evaluated, amended and re-prototyped until the optimum service delivery is achieved

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

Service Blueprinting and SOP's

Service Blueprinting records how the service is delivered in accordance with the journey map, and service ecosystem, manages service operations and service design, and can identify problems any with operational efficiency. It provides a clear route map to consistent service experience delivery. They will also convey what happens at each service stage and provide the starting point for future service evaluation and improvement

PML Involvement

Early review of new service processes is essential to ensure that they are delivering the desired outcomes. PML will provide staff coaching, carry out walk through audits or mystery shopping, which are often used to identify any blockages and create solutions. Making service changes requires delivery staff with the right skills and behaviours, easy to access and designed processes and a service environment and infrastructure to support the delivery. PML’s input will enable you to follow a clear process

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

Customer Service Training

Customer Service is fast becoming even more of a differentiator for consumers and businesses in an ever-competitive market, who are focusing on spend, costs and in satisfying and retaining customers. Quality of service is essential and PML will show you the way forward in order to stand out, exceed customer expectation and generate new business

PML Involvement

PML will combine customer service mindset training with management learning in order to improve the personal effectiveness of all levels of service delivery and deliver to you tangible business benefits. We will ensure that all parties recognise the key elements of customer service; the professional qualities necessary, knowing who your customer is and the correct approach to providing customer interaction. We have a range of training models available to develop a bespoke training package for your business

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

A Selection of our Customer Services Design And Delivery Clients

What our Clients say about our services

  • Thank you for the excellent service you have provided, managing the procurement of our professional services contract. We are particularly impressed with PML's professionalism and the way in which we were guided through a rather complex process. Our Resident Project Group members were very complimentary about how well PML worked with residents, and answered their queries as we went through each stage of the process

    Michael O'BrienEastbourne Homes
  • When using PML we have had a consistently good experience in terms of both the delivery of the brief and delivering additional value

    Pauline FordPeabody
  • Constructive feedback throughout the day was a big help. We now feel more confident getting up and speaking in front of people

    Training WorkshopArdmac
  • We found the PML Team to be extremely professional and supportive when we asked them to work with us to help transform our Design Team into a successful trading arm. Our Design Team have now secured new work and we are now recruiting new positions to help resource the additional work; Thanks PML!

    Karen AmosLuton Borough Council
  • Many thanks to PML for all their help...their support has been invaluable

    Lee BainbridgeSMS Environmental Ltd
  • PML's eclectic mix of skill sets, people and services make them, in my opinion, a leading and respected consultancy, and a valued partner to our business. Utilising their services has both empowered our people and added value to our day-to-day business. Above all else, PML's approach to partnership working is embedded across all its service offerings

    Sally BedwellVinci Facilities
  • Kim & the Team at PML have made what seemed like a daunting process at the outset actually an extremely satisfying experience. We felt confident we were being led and supported by very competent experts and would readily recommend PML's services to other organisations

    Julian AnthonyNorwood
  • We were impressed with the report that PML produced, and the Council's aids and adaptations service will improve significantly as a result

    Hannah RaynerStevenage Borough Council
  • A heart-felt "Thank You" to everyone's been challenging but we have every faith that it will be worth it...PML have added so much value

    Claire HenshallKier
  • When dealing with PML, we have found that they understood the brief with the minimum of explanation, clearly understood our requirements and delivered the project on time. We have found them to be a very professional consultancy and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others

    James HendersonBasildon Borough Council
  • We've now got a really good to-do-list to move the project forward. Thank you PML

    Training WorkshopOrbit
  • We have not stopped thinking about all the excellent tools and tips we have picked up...really inspiring

    Training WorkshopTPas