Assess where you and your business are against the four key elements of the Collabor-8 strategy model

PML’s Collabor-8 Strategy Session programmes were successfully launched in 2017, offering service providers and their contractors the opportunity to develop their business strategy, identify and understand challenges and blockages to success, and learn how collaboration can lead to successful business growth and stronger team productivity, using our Collabor-8 model, plus networking and sharing knowledge opportunities

Collabor-8 Scorecard

Your first step is to complete our Collabor-8 Scorecard. This benchmarks your ability to collaborate in a business, project and leadership context and identifies opportunities for improvement that will create business growth.

PML Involvement

By analysing current methods and key aspirations through all areas of your business, PML will identify areas of change and risk, and develop and implement customised solution tactics to monitor and manage future delivery. Equipped with Tablet/App Technology through to on site video capture, reports are available the same day for each visit made and action plans created, implemented and managed to suit your requirements. In turn, your future customer focuses will be able to be monitored appropriately

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

Sustainable Process Re-Engineering

This is a business management strategy that will help you to analyse and design a sustainable business model. By building and planning clear, collaborative and well-structured contractor relationships and up-skilling your teams, we can raise performance and your company appeal within the market place

PML Involvement

Sustainability is the conscious and proactive use of methods that leave a positive impact on the environment around you. Through managing and delivering a systemic onsite programme, PML will show you how to rectify any past mistakes, reduce or eliminate current problems, and build legacies for the future, while re-educating minsets. We will provide the opportunity to find and identify areas for improvement, and deliver a universal onsite checking programme in order to eliminate substandard work and challenge fraud; simultaneously increasing your company or brand profile and generate further business growth

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

Tackling Fraud

An increasingly competitive market place has encouraged us all to empower our staff and undertake structural reforms. Ironically, these changes, combined with the ability to undertake more financial transactions remotely, have also created more fertile conditions, scope and opportunity for dishonest action

PML Involvement

By identifying and challenging fraud, our investigations have a 15:1 Return on Investment, enabling up to a 75% reduction in works expenditure, and clearer ways of monitoring staff productivity and financial responsibility throughout the duration of any existing and future contracts undertaken, thus adapting your business methods to ensure increased and maintained levels of efficiency. We will perform a Fraud Risk Assessment to identify and address vulnerabilities to fraud within your business, and develop a fraud risk response. This can be adapted to any area of the business, such as purchasing, payroll and expense schemes, theft and corruption, and the controls that you can put in place for future security.

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation


Governance can be thought of as: ‘the systems and processes concerned with ensuring the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of an organisation’

PML Involvement

From CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) and CTC (Counter Terrorism Check) to Health and Safety accreditation; from ICT resilience to legislative requirements, you and your tenants can be assured of our credentials. We will provide guidance to ensure compliance across your contractual list of requirements, understanding of all roles at all levels, the delivery of organisational purpose, the importance of integrity and being open and accountable. Our assistance will enable you to assess the strength and weaknesses of the governance structure within your organisation, and identify the areas in need of change and improvement for your business to become more effective in creating value and sustainability in the long-term

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

A Selection of our ‘Collabor-8’ Clients

What our Clients say about our services

  • We've now got a really good to-do-list to move the project forward. Thank you PML

    Training WorkshopOrbit
  • When using PML we have had a consistently good experience in terms of both the delivery of the brief and delivering additional value

    Pauline FordPeabody
  • When dealing with PML, we have found that they understood the brief with the minimum of explanation, clearly understood our requirements and delivered the project on time. We have found them to be a very professional consultancy and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others

    James HendersonBasildon Borough Council
  • A heart-felt "Thank You" to everyone involved...it's been challenging but we have every faith that it will be worth it...PML have added so much value

    Claire HenshallKier
  • We were impressed with the report that PML produced, and the Council's aids and adaptations service will improve significantly as a result

    Hannah RaynerStevenage Borough Council
  • Constructive feedback throughout the day was a big help. We now feel more confident getting up and speaking in front of people

    Training WorkshopArdmac
  • Thank you for the excellent service you have provided, managing the procurement of our professional services contract. We are particularly impressed with PML's professionalism and the way in which we were guided through a rather complex process. Our Resident Project Group members were very complimentary about how well PML worked with residents, and answered their queries as we went through each stage of the process

    Michael O'BrienEastbourne Homes
  • We have not stopped thinking about all the excellent tools and tips we have picked up...really inspiring

    Training WorkshopTPas
  • Kim & the Team at PML have made what seemed like a daunting process at the outset actually an extremely satisfying experience. We felt confident we were being led and supported by very competent experts and would readily recommend PML's services to other organisations

    Julian AnthonyNorwood
  • PML's eclectic mix of skill sets, people and services make them, in my opinion, a leading and respected consultancy, and a valued partner to our business. Utilising their services has both empowered our people and added value to our day-to-day business. Above all else, PML's approach to partnership working is embedded across all its service offerings

    Sally BedwellVinci Facilities
  • We found the PML Team to be extremely professional and supportive when we asked them to work with us to help transform our Design Team into a successful trading arm. Our Design Team have now secured new work and we are now recruiting new positions to help resource the additional work; Thanks PML!

    Karen AmosLuton Borough Council
  • Many thanks to PML for all their help...their support has been invaluable

    Lee BainbridgeSMS Environmental Ltd