Facilitation and Training

Support with your strategy, technical training, staff development, collaborative behavioural training and Bid coaching; there is a course for everyone!

In order for PML Group to add value to your business through the design and delivery of workshop facilitation and training programmes, we need to understand your business needs, and then we will suggest the right approach for you. If we are not best placed to deliver what your organisation needs, we’ll say so, and point you in the direction of someone who is better placed to help you

Collaborative Behavioural Workshops

Collaboration is defined as when individuals or groups work together, combining their strengths and negating weaknesses to accomplish a set of goals

PML Involvement

PML will design and deliver bespoke, highly participative and impactful workshops that show delegates the benefits of collaboration and provide a series of tools and a language that will enable all parties to give and receive open and honest feedback, which is the lifeblood of high performing teams. We will enable all parties to understand team dynamics, understand perceptions and what behaviours are constructive and helpful in a range of environments, the importance of team building and how each team member can add value towards shared goals. PML will provide clear guidelines to collaborative action plans and working towards KPI’s whilst encouraging individual strengths that will enhance a collaborative environment

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

Lessons Learned Workshops

The purpose of Lessons Learned workshops is to get all parties together, share common experience and forge together any insights gained during projects which will enable you to usefully apply improvements on future works

PML Involvement

Capturing all aspects of the project, identifying the root causes of any outcomes, and action planning in order to ensure that lessons are learned, methods are identified for future and all is communicated for the benefit of the project team as a whole. Regular review of the action plan will enable all parties to maintain focus throughout the duration of a continually evolving project/process. A major importance of any team is to allow a continuous improvement culture to develop

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

Project / Framework Launch Workshops

Having a project management framework in place from the beginning assures successful project completion. It will enable all relevant parties to understand the structure of the process that they are undertaking, and where their part of the process fits in with the overall structure

PML Involvement

When your business begins a project/process, it is in essence debuting its product/service. The launch will signify when the customer has access to the service, and it needs to highlight to them the way forward through the process. These launch workshops ensure that everyone is clear about the mission and what success looks like. We clearly define roles, responsibilities, risks, opportunities and actions. We also learn how high performing teams succeed by continually giving and receiving constructive feedback

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

Business and Executive Coaching

Business and Executive Coaching will enable relevant parties to enhance awareness and behaviour so as to achieve the business objectives set for both the client and your team. An organisation’s success relies on engaged, effective and efficient teams to hit and exceed company objectives, and this means management and stakeholders as well as front-line teams

PML Involvement

PML will show you specific tools and techniques to use on a daily basis, so that you can build a coaching culture within your organisation. We will provide you with the skills to drive your performance and results forward with immediate effect; learning how to pin point and address critical areas of improvement. You will access a number of templates for use within your day to day business, gain a clear understanding of your values and learn how they affect your performance

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

Competency Modelling

Competency Modelling is about the analysing of the range of abilities, knowledge and skill-sets within your business. ‘Competencies’ encompass the knowledge, skills, and attributes required for successful performance, and it is imperative that you have the right people in the right positions

PML Involvement

PML will assess all aspects of your business, staffing and resources to provide you with a cost effective and accurate ‘Competency Modelling’ process for your organisation. A set of context-specific qualities will be used as the standard which to measure job performance, necessary development, and recruitment necessities. In addition to intelligence and aptitude, the underlying characteristics of a person, such as traits, habits, motives, social roles, and self-image, as well as the environment around them, enable a person to deliver superior performance in a given job, role or situation

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

Training and Development Support

Research has shown that 85% of our business’s success is due to our people and how our people perform. In other words; people are our Key Asset, and they need to be developed, nurtured and treasured

PML Involvement

For your organisation to prosper, you will need to engage, develop and fully access the talent inherent in your teams, as well as ensuring that you have prepared your people to meet the challenges ahead. PML has extensive experience of working with large and SME contractors, service providers and clients, across a multitude of sectors, and will use this experience to support you in developing your people and consequently your business. Our Training packages include a variety of educational techniques and programs that will highlight key operatives, open up new areas of development and enhance existing ones

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

Tender Interview Training

The Tender interview is increasingly becoming a significant factor in the decision to appoint, and clients now typically request to see the staff that will actually be delivering the contract. This means that most clients are specifically requesting to see key management and staff members. These members of your team can often ill prepared for the Bid Interview environment and rarely participate in the production of the Bid. Their performance in the Interview, however, will often have an influential impact on the outcome and the perceived credibility of your Bid

PML Involvement

PML has created a training package that can be tailored to meet your bespoke needs. As an organisation that is expert in procurement, and which often represents the client, we will train, coach and mentor your team to outperform the competition, and help them appreciate the perspective of the client, how to impress resident representatives and the dynamics of working as a team in an unfamiliar environment. Most importantly, we can provide a ‘safe’ environment in which to practice, to get it right and be ready to deliver an excellent presentation

Specific requirements and areas of key focus will be addressed through the initial consultation

A Selection of our Facilitation and Training Clients

What our customers say about our services

  • We've now got a really good to-do-list to move the project forward. Thank you PML

    Training WorkshopOrbit
  • Constructive feedback throughout the day was a big help. We now feel more confident getting up and speaking in front of people

    Training WorkshopArdmac
  • PML's eclectic mix of skill sets, people and services make them, in my opinion, a leading and respected consultancy, and a valued partner to our business. Utilising their services has both empowered our people and added value to our day-to-day business. Above all else, PML's approach to partnership working is embedded across all its service offerings

    Sally BedwellVinci Facilities
  • Many thanks to PML for all their help...their support has been invaluable

    Lee BainbridgeSMS Environmental Ltd
  • We have not stopped thinking about all the excellent tools and tips we have picked up...really inspiring

    Training WorkshopTPas
  • Thank you for the excellent service you have provided, managing the procurement of our professional services contract. We are particularly impressed with PML's professionalism and the way in which we were guided through a rather complex process. Our Resident Project Group members were very complimentary about how well PML worked with residents, and answered their queries as we went through each stage of the process

    Michael O'BrienEastbourne Homes
  • Kim & the Team at PML have made what seemed like a daunting process at the outset actually an extremely satisfying experience. We felt confident we were being led and supported by very competent experts and would readily recommend PML's services to other organisations

    Julian AnthonyNorwood
  • When dealing with PML, we have found that they understood the brief with the minimum of explanation, clearly understood our requirements and delivered the project on time. We have found them to be a very professional consultancy and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others

    James HendersonBasildon Borough Council
  • A heart-felt "Thank You" to everyone involved...it's been challenging but we have every faith that it will be worth it...PML have added so much value

    Claire HenshallKier
  • When using PML we have had a consistently good experience in terms of both the delivery of the brief and delivering additional value

    Pauline FordPeabody
  • We were impressed with the report that PML produced, and the Council's aids and adaptations service will improve significantly as a result

    Hannah RaynerStevenage Borough Council
  • We found the PML Team to be extremely professional and supportive when we asked them to work with us to help transform our Design Team into a successful trading arm. Our Design Team have now secured new work and we are now recruiting new positions to help resource the additional work; Thanks PML!

    Karen AmosLuton Borough Council